Welcome to Charming Patio!  Enjoy a one-stop shopping experience while you’re searching for the perfect Outdoor Furniture and Accessories for your gathering space.  Your retreat, oasis, backyard, whatever you want to call it, is your private space to relax, play games, chat it up with your friends, laugh, make s’mores around the Fire Pit, cuddle up to the kids, or whatever makes you feel happy.


Whether your guests are traveling far to see you or they’re just walking out the back door, we know it’s important to you that they love their time at your home.  Putting together the perfect spot for your family and friends to enjoy is a great way to show your love.  Seeing them relaxed, enjoying each other, and laughing is food for the soul. 


So, you’re on a mission to pull it all together and we’re here to help.  Trying to create a beachy casual look?  Maybe a classic Southern front porch?  A New England al fresco dining night under the stars?  You’ll see we offer a wide selection of beautiful Teak Patio Dining pieces and sprawling Outdoor Deep Seating Sofas that will make entertaining fun and comfy. No matter what size party you’re trying to fit, we’ve got you covered.  Long entertaining dining tables that seat as many as 12 or intimate bistro tables for 2 are available.  Our Sectionals and Deep Seating collections also offer many different seating configurations and capacities, but the furniture is just the starting point.  Adding Accessories and Décor is what’s going to make you stand out.  Outdoor Throw Pillows that complement your palette will help give your space some dimension, bursts of color, and of course comfort.  It’s an in-expensive way to brighten things up and since they’re weatherproof, you don’t need to worry about gathering them every time it rains. An Outdoor Rug is another great way to pull it all together.  It creates a welcoming cozy feeling your guests will love and you don’t need to worry about the maintenance.  Spills, rain, muddy paw prints, no problem!  Just sit back, relax, and enjoy.  Speaking of messy, check out our Poufs!  They're basically kid-proof.  It's easy to move them around to where they're needed and then, voila!, the kids have their own spot to plop down to watch a movie or hang out.  


Stress free Al Fresco dining options are a must.  Save your nice wine glasses for indoors.  You don’t want to worry that a broken glass or plate is going to force everyone back into shoes, so top things off with shatter proof dinnerware and drinkware.  The coordinated patterns can really add to the vibe you’re putting together and, of course, they’re just fun.  Even for casual meals on the Sectional, your family and guests won’t need to worry about collapsing paper plates.  The Melanine collection will make you want to host dinner, the table will look fabulous, and more importantly your guests will love it.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we believe outdoor living is an extension of your favorite place. 


We’re continually adding new products as we find resources that meet our standards, so we invite you to check back often or join our mailing list for updates and discounts.