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Avonlea White Planter

Veramic Planter Avonlea White Planter brought to you by Charming Patio featur..


Piccoli Khaki Planter

Outdoor Planter Piccoli Khaki Planter brought to you by Charming Patio is out..


Cobalt Planters Set

Cobalt Planters Set Bright blue ceramic planters show off your greenery with a deliciou..


Jade Planters Set

Jade Planters Set Lush shades of sand and jade add natural elegance to your favorite pl..



At Charming Patio we can help you find patio furniture, rugs, and Decor to make your patio Charming!

Don't you love when Spring is here? Do you have a green thumb? Well, our selection of Planters will provide you a nice addition to showcase your plants on the front porch, deck, or patio! Adding color through plants and flowers softens a space and gives it life and texture. Even the shape and color of our plants will give a lot of dimension to an outdoor Seating area. Our Avonlea White Planter with its interesting pattern would be a crisp white contrast to your favorite plant and look so good paired on a table or by the front door! The Piccoli Khaki Planter with its interesting pattern would look good inside on an entry table and could be used grouped on the patio table or porch with your other Outdoor Decor!

Our Cobalt Planter Set will show off your greenery with a dose of color and an abstract motif. These set of three planters would look stylish paired with the Jade Planter Set to add plants and bold color around the base of your outdoor seating furniture! Add this set to a tabletop with fun-colored plants and a few Lanterns to give interest to your dining table. Layer our outdoor Dinnerware and Drinkware to finish out a fun patio table scape! Remember to add fun colors to your Patio Seating with your use of Throw Pillows, Bright Rugs, outdoor Decor, and a colorful Umbrella to welcome in spring!