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About Us

Where do you go to relax and unwind?  Some where that brings out the best in us.  A place where we leave our daily stressors behind and take a deep breath.  A spa, a hot bath, or maybe an island?  Maybe it’s as simple as your private outdoor living space?  What if you could go through a door and be in your happy place?  We’re here to help you get there.  It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is, what matters is that it fulfills your needs. 


Let’s start with the basics.  What do you need your space to do for you?  For some it’s a spot looking out on a night skyline, for some it’s a retreat to curl up with a good book and glass of wine, and for some it’s space for the family to stretch out and enjoy each other’s company.  Whatever your needs, a comfortable and welcoming outdoor living space is food for the soul.  So, once you know how you’re using the space, the next step is envisioning how to fill the space.  Different sized spaces will demand different types of outdoor furnitureBulky furniture is better for open spaces and best not crammed into a small area.  Small space?  Don’t be deterred by a small space because there are a lot of great pieces that will work perfectly.  Next, decide your color base.  For example, using blue-toned outdoor cushions as a base induces calmness and green represents nature, balance, and harmony.  If you want to keep it toned down, using light colors or beiges as your cushions, then pop them with colored Outdoor Pillows.  If you have the space, an Outdoor Rug will help pull your color palette together.  Then layer in some Accessories and Décor.  Your finished product will become a reflection of your style.  Anything works because it’s your retreat.  Minimalistic and Modern, Eclectic, Classic, Southern Charm, or whatever makes you exhale.


Sometimes your outdoor living area is less defined, and you have the luxury of a yard.  A simple addition that really pulls the family and friends together is an outdoor Fire Pit chat table.  Placing a few Adirondack Chairs around the fire for plenty of seating and you’ll have company for hours.  Whether it’s a warm summer night with stars in the sky above or a fall evening wrapped in a blanket, it’s a nice gathering spot and easy to maintain.  The kids (and adults) will have a great time, toasting marshmallows for the s’mores.  To spruce it up, throw a couple of coordinating Outdoor Pillows on the chairs to complete your look. 


When talking about relaxing, there’s one item we can’t leave out.  It’s kind of old school but puts a smile on most faces.  The Hammock.  It’s the quintessential symbol of “letting it all go”.  Afternoon naps, reading a book, snuggling with a special someone, if you have the space, we recommend adding it to your recipe for relaxation.


At Charming Patio we strive to offer a unique assortment of Patio Furniture, outdoor Decor, and Accessories for different inspirations.  Whatever design vibe you’re striving towards, we believe that the most important part is creating an atmosphere to enjoy while making memories with your family and friends.  Outdoor living isn’t just an extension of your home, it’s an extension of your favorite place.